WVS DogPop Project

Working to better understand interactions between free-roaming dogs and communities in Goa

Humans and free-roaming dogs have been living alongside each other for thousands of years, and whilst there are many benefits; e.g. companionship, protection, working, there are also conflicts. These may be in the form of health problems such as dog bites and the transmission of germs that can infect humans, e.g. rabies, or conflicts may arise when dogs perform behaviours that humans consider inappropriate, e.g. barking.

In order to more efficiently manage these conflicts, the DogPop project aims to better understand our free-roaming dog populations and their relationship with communities in Goa.

Our professional team of dog surveyors are carrying out surveys of free-roaming dogs and pet dogs across Goa

Dogs offer many benefits to humans, but living close together can also cause conflicts. We are conducting surveys to try to better understand this relationship

This study is a joint collaboration between the University of Edinburgh and the Worldwide Veterinary Service